Unified guidelines for management actions for the Suzuki group to achieve
further leap and development in the 21st century

361° SUZUKI ActionPlan2020

Aiming for customer satisfaction No.1

The company image the Suzuki group aims for The significance of the existence of the Suzuki group,

"We will deliver what you need, as much as you need, when necessary,"

Trend analysis

Consumer needs

With the diversification of values and the ubiquitous network of high-speed information communication, the needs of consumers are becoming more advanced and widely spreading, while the value of safety, safety and stability in corporate activities is increasing

Market change

Competitive society will become full-fledged and mutual participation beyond conventional framework will progress.

The role of corporate society

In corporate management it is important to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society, including ensuring compliance and transparency.

Customer's expectation

As the enterprise scale grows, the roles and contents to be fulfilled will change, and appropriate things will be required. (Partner who can assemble with peace of mind)

What Suzuki aims for

We deliver the best products, services and information.

The Suzuki group thinks from the customer's point of view, and as a company that always feels sense of trust and security, we will deliver the best products, services and information of safety, security and stability.

Fulfill social responsibility as a company.

  • (1) Safety of products, people, and services · Reliable · stable delivery
  • (2) Proactive Contribution towards the Development of Local Communities
  • (3) Proactive Approach to Environmental Problems
  • (4) Promotion of highly transparent business activities through thorough compliance

Connecting the power of each person to your pleasure.

  • (1) a healthy workplace
  • (2) Interesting workplace
  • (3) The answer exists in the job site